Anders is universally considered to be the funniest member of the family. Even Rosie agrees. Here are some of his more memorable quotes of the last couple of months

A few days after the 4th of July we heard Rosie crying and went upstairs to get her up from her nap. Anders beat me there and when I walked into the room I heard him telling her, "It's ok sweetheart. Don't cry. Mommy's here. Did the fireworks scare you?" I think he may have been projecting ;)


He also got really into the Star Spangled Banner and started asking for it as his bedtime song. Those octave jumps are not kind to the Von Ottley Family Singers.


Upon seeing that Anders had colored in a book
Me: "Anders, did you color in this book?"
Anders (whispering with his finger to his mouth): "Shhhh, mom, we need to be quiet. Rosie's sleeping"

I came out of the bathroom to this scene and Anders immediately piped up, "I didn't color on my hands! I was just coloring on paper!"

Anders was supposed to be napping but had been playing in bed for over an hour. I went to go check on him and he was laying on his back with his hands as binoculars over his eyes. He looked up at me and said seriously, "I'm keeping my eyes peeled...for motorcycles"

While in a public bathroom with Adam
Adam: "Anders, don't touch anything in here"
Anders, standing inches from the stall door: "can I touch this with my....nose?"
Adam: "um, ok."
Anders, touches the door with his nose and in the process bumps it with the rest of his body: "Can I touch it with my...belly?"

While grocery shopping
Me: "ok, we need some..."
Anders: "CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM!" (we've never had chocolate chip ice cream)

He has been so curious about bodies lately. We got him a couple of books to help explain things and he's always asking us to tell him "a little bit more" about his brain/heart/lungs/kidneys/digestive system, etc. One day Adam and I were having a conversation in the front of the car when Anders, staring at his arm, started yelling from the back: "MY BODY HEALED MY OWIE! Good job, body! Thank you, body! Goodbye."

Anders is wilting in the North Carolina heat. He seriously can't deal with anything over 85 degrees. One day while getting him out of the car into the bright sun he covered his face with his hands and said "my brain is hot!" Poor little Pacific Northwesterner.

He is constantly wanting us to tell him stories and he's very specific about the elements of the story that need to be present. Like he'll ask for a story about a train, and a crocodile, and ice cream. It can be a real challenge trying to squeeze that all into one story. One day he asked me to tell him about a white airplane and pink airplane (birthday party favors). Later in the day he was talking to Adam in the car.
Anders: "Dad, do planes talk?"
Adam: "No, planes don't talk but pilots flying the planes can talk to each other. In real life only people talk, not planes."
Anders (thinks it over for a bit): "Do toy stories talk?"

In addition to hearing stories Anders has been really into acting lately.Throughout the day he's constantly assigning roles to us and we have to quickly get into character and have a dialogue with him. We're reading James and the Giant Peach right now and although we'd love to be the different bugs that James becomes friends with that's not the part of the story he has latched onto. He'll always tell us "this is James" (pointing to himself) "this is Aunt Sponge" (pointing to Dad) "and this is Aunt Spiker" (pointing to me).  Then he likes us to be cruel to him by calling him a "nasty like boy" (he requests this particular phrase) and telling him he can't have any friends/toys/lemonade. It gets a little awkward when we have to act this one out in public but no CPS calls yet.

On a particularly grumpy night Adam was hauling him off to bed in tears while he yelled, "I don't want to go to the dentist!" You and me both buddy.


Anders: "Mom, do you feel sick?"
Me: "Oh yes! <cough, cough> I'm so sick!"
Anders: "Can I say a prayer for you? Dear Heavenly Father, we're so grateful for this day, <mumble mumble> mommy feel better <mumble, mumble> NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN!"

Watching Rosie throw a piece of broccoli across the room: "Classic Rosie"

Oh, Anders. I don't care how many times you make me say it, you're not a nasty little boy. You're actually quite a peach.


  1. "classic rosie"—that was lol-worthy

  2. I'm not even exaggerating I LOLed through this entire post! Allison, you have such a gift at making things that shouldn't be that funny sound HILARIOUS. Or maybe I'm just tired? Either way, thanks for making my day (for reals). I really need to write down more of William's one-liners!

  3. Classic Anders is the best. When I see him next I want him to touch everything with his belly and give him chocolate chip ice cream.